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Liquid Sodium Hypophosphite

LIQUID SODIUM HYPOPHOSPHITE is blended exclusively quote_buttonfrom Rhône-Poulenc’s High Purity Grade of Sodium Hypophosphite for use in electroless nickel solutions. It is the purest material available commercially and is made to demanding specifications from high purity water, and is subjected to careful quality control testing.


Formula, NaH2PO2 H2O
Concentration, 5 pounds per gallon or 600 g/L
Appearance, Clear oderless liquid
Typical Analyses by weight, Sodium hypophosphite 47 percent~~Phosphite 0.14 percent~~Calcium 12 ppm~~Heavy metals <1 ppm~~Iron <1 ppm pH, 5.0 to 6.5 Specific Gravity, 1.27 Packaging, 55 gallon drums 581 pound net weight Shelf Life, Indefinite Storage/Safety, Store in a cool dry ventilated area away from oxidizing agents. Keep container tightly closed [/table]