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Mesa West : The Mighty Brite

Model 700 Automatic Chemical Feeder System

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Easy, Effective, and Accurate Bath Maintenance!
The Mighty-Brite Chemical Feeder takes the guesswork out of making chemical additions by automatically replenishing them at the same rate at which they are being depleted. Based on the amount of current being used for electroplating, the Mighty-Brite makes metered additions of the required chemicals, thereby maintaining the plating solution at peak efficiency and performance.

Simple to install – Simple to Operate
The Mighty-Brite is designed to be quickly and easily installed, and requires little or no maintenance or operator attention. The cabinet never needs to be opened, as all settings are made from the front panel.

The all solid-state microprocessing system is housed in a NEMA-4X corrosion resistant enclosure that is ready to mount in any convenient location and connect to the rectifier being used. The independent metering pump is placed directly on to the user’s liquid storage container. The flow rate is set by: (a), adjusting the pump for the desired volume, and (b), setting the desired number of amp hours at which the pump is to be activated.

The Mighty-Brite has an 8-digit LED display for monitoring all functions of the system, including:


  • 7 Total accumulated ampere-time
  • 7 Pump cycle preset time
  • 7 Amp-time set point for pump activation

Unique Features:
By entering the four digit numerical password, the user can: clear the totalizer, calibrate the Mighty-Brite for amp-hours or amp-minutes, and/or recalibrate the unit. This feature allows all critical parameters to be kept under “lock and key,” protecting the totalizer from unintentional clearing of accumulated data.

The Mighty-Brite features a battery back-up so that in the event of power interruption or failure, all accumulated information is protected. The memory can only be erased by entering the password.

Options are available. Please contact our factory or an authorized Mesa West representative for details.

Accuracy: 0.5% of set-point (1-1 00mv)
AC Input: 115V, 50/60 Hz
Ampere-time: Amp-minutes or amp-hours
Dimensions: 6-1/4”L x 6-1/4”W x 4-1/2”H
Controller Weight: 4 Lbs.


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