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Nickel Acetate

Nickel Acetate Crystal

NICKEL ACETATE CRYSTAL is extremely high purity, non quote_buttoncaking salt for use in all types of plating processes, and is especially produced for use as an anodize sealer. It is manufactured to demanding specifications from carefully selected raw materials, and is subjected to stringent quality control testing.


Formula, Ni(CH3CO2)2 4H2O
Appearance, Light green powder
Assay, 23.5 percent by weight as nickel
Typical Analyses by weight, Calcium <0.002 percent~~Chloride <0.002 percent~~Cobalt <0.04 percent~~Copper <0.0001 percent~~Iron <0.001 percent~~Magnesiu <0.002 percent~~Mangan <0.0002 percent~~Sodium <0.008 percent~~Sulfate <0.01 percent~~Zinc <0.001 percent~~Insoluble matter <0.01 percent Packaging, 25 kg (55.1 pound) boxes 40 boxes per pallet Shelf Life, Indefinite Storage/Safety, Store in a cool dry ventilated area away from foodstuffs. Keep container tightly closed [/table]