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Metal Working: Fluid Additives

Add 80
Bio mass dispersant to be used with DURACOOL 6493.

Add 95
pH control additive.

Add C
Corrosion protector for yellow metal.

Cleaner booster in spray applications for difficult soils. Enhances iron phosphates and alkaline cleaners.

Duracool 6455
Broad spectrum fungicide & biocide.

Duracool 6493
More dilute broad-based micro control additive.

RP 7
Corrosion preventative additive for ferrous coolant sumps.

The following two products are only available in a 2 x 1 gallon case

Kathon 886MW
Kathon biocide. Quick kill product for highly contaminated bacterial systems

Kathon 893MW
Kathon biocide/fungicide. Quick kill product for highly contaminated fungal systems