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Kocour Lab Rectifier


Product Description

The Kocour Rectifiers for the Hull Cell Test are expressly designed units, which utilize filtered circuits capable of continuously producing minimum AC ripple. This filtered current output is essential for testing many plating baths. Kocour Rectifiers are strongly recommended for Hull Cell Tests because results are misleading when single phase unfiltered current is used.

Model 5D
A filtered DC current source for laboratory and Hull Cell tests. Input 115 volts, 60 Hz. Output 0-9 volts DC at 5 amps. with less than 5% ripple and continuous control from 0 to maximum. Calibrated voltmeter and ammeter accurate within 2% of full scale.

Model 15D
Designed specifically for the plater’s laboratory and testing needs. Model 15D is a highly filtered and very efficient DC current source for Hull Cell Tests and laboratory requirements. Input 115 Volts, 60 Hz AC. Output 0-12 volts DC at 15 amps.

Model 25D
An excellent plater’s general purpose filtered DC current source. Input 115 volts, 60 Hz AC. Output 0-12 volts DC at 25 amps. with powerstat voltage control. Complete thermal and fuse protections and continuous voltage control from 0 to maximum.