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Aluminum How To – R.H. Probert

The definitive book for the beginner in chemical aluminum finishing.

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This book is a “How To” for the beginner in chemical aluminum finishing, the electroplating person who wants to add aluminum finishing, and the experienced veteran who has missed something along the way. This is the high-tech research level information restated in simple terms. It answers questions like why 2024 comes out blue when 6061 comes out black. It tells you how to operate a shop and control the many parameters like concentration, impurities, amps, volts, alloy influence, temperature, time, etc. Derived from fifteen books and perodicals and the observations of the author over 50 years of aluminum finishing, this is the simple time-saving details about how to do the work. The emphasis is more on functional finishing than decorative or architectural, but most of the information applies both way. If you are not getting thickness, or your black is coming out blue, or your rack is burning, or your finish is not uniform, this is the book for you. 138 pages Author: R.H. Probert

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