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G Series, Grid Coils


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Product Description

Product Features and Benefits:

Superior Chemical Resistance: Wide variety of materials available for use in heating or cooling applications for alkaline solutions, acid solutions, and rinse tanks. Check solution guide or consult with your chemical supplier for proper sheath material selection.

Rugged Construction: Heavy wall, 20-gauge metal tubing available in steel, 316 stainless steel, and titanium.

Outstanding Performance: 2-inch thick, low profile design. Every inch of coil surface is active exchange area.

Leak Free Operation: Integral inlet and outlet manifoldsforsingle point connections.Greatly reduces the potential for leaks and simplifies installation. One inch MNPT connections standard.

High Pressure Rating: 100 PSI working pressure (steam or water).

Sizes: 4.6 square foot to 89.9 square foot of exchange area.

Options Available (consult factory):

  • Mounting hangers.
  • Special sizes.
  • Vertical or horizontal configurations.
  • Heavier gauge tubing or pipe.
  • Special riser sizes, fittings, lengths, and configurations.
  • Anti-floatation weights for high specific gravity or highly viscous solutions.
  • Zirconium, Hastelloy C®, low carbon stainless steel, and other alloys available.
  • Fluoropolymer coatings for corrosion protection at solution/atmospheric interface.
  • Vacuum breakers.
  • Non-conductive isolator couplings.
  • L-shaped configurations for bottom heat applications.

Note: Inlet and outlet connections must be sized to adequately handle water and steam volume requirements.