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Product Description

MICCROMASK is suitable for use in Hard Chrome Plating.


1. Chemically and/or mechanically clean the area of the part to be masked. The area to be masked must be free of all dirt, oil or other contaminants. Cleaning is the most critical aspect of the masking procedure.

Apply MICCROMASK to the area to be masked by dipping, brushing, or spraying. For application by spraying, reduce MICCROMASK by approximately 50% with MICCROMASK Reducer.

3. Apply a minimum of two coats depending upon the type of plating/chemical solution and/or length of processing time in solution. For heavy deposits of hard chrome, three or more coats of MICCROMASK are recommended. Allow at least 30 minutes air-dry time between coats and overnight air-dry time after application of final coat before introduction into solution. Faster drying of MICCROMASK can be accomplished. by force drying for 15 minutes in an oven not exceeding 1 50_F or over a hot plate not exceeding 1 50_F for 15 minutes. Drying time will vary according to relative humidity. NOTE: Make sure MICCROMASK has lost all solvent odor before force drying, applying additional coats, or placing over hot plate.

For fast, effective removal of MICCROMASK, use MICCROSTRIP A.


Color: Light Red
Viscosity: 2200-2500 cps
Coverage Rate: Approx. 280 ft.2 (26 m2) per gallon,
2 mil dry film.

WtlGal.: 7.61 Ibs./gal.
Flash Point: 45_ F. TCC

MICCROMASK is available in: 1 gal., 5 gal., and 55 gal. containers.