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Product Description

  • MICCROWAX is a single-material wax for selective stop-off that is especially suited for masking on complicated parts and sharp edges.
  • MICCROWAX will not crack, and may be readily melted for use by any common heating medium.
  • MICCROWAX shows a remarkable degree of adhesion, even when used on flat surfaces. It requires no prime coat before application which means only one dip tank is necessary for the complete operation.
  • MiCCROWAX hardens immediately after the part is dipped, thereby minimizing preparation time and speeding production of parts before plating.
  • MICCROWAX can be reused without loss of its efficiency.
  • MICCROWAX may be used in most plating cycles as long as cycle temperatures do not exceed the melting point of the wax.
  • MICCROWAX may be used in the following types of plating: Hard Chrome Indium Copper Acid Lead Copper Pyro Silver


MICCROWAX C-562 should be held at temperatures between 1 75_F. and 1 85_F. to attain a maximum thickness of coating for use in selective hard chromium plating. The parts to be stopped-off should be cleaned of all dirt, grease, etc. Immerse in MICCROWAX for a few moments to raise the temperature of the part and withdraw. Two or three successive, fast dips will provide a heavy coating that will withstand any hard chromium cycle. The portion to be plated can be bared with a knife and the surface cleaned with naphtha before plating.

MICCROWAX C-562 can be removed easily by peeling or placing part in boiling water to melt the coating.

MICCROWAX C-562 comes in 10 lb. cakes, 5 cakes per carton. 7.8# gal. when melted. 51 # per cu. ft. when melted.