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New Holland K-90, 18″ x 18″, 460 Volt

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New Holland Model K-90, ­ 18″”x 18″” – 150 lb capacity

Industrial Dryers from New Holland speed production by drying two ways. Centrifugal force from the spinning action of the basket “”throws off”” excess water, oils, rinses or paints. At the same time, a turbine fan mounted below the basket creates a powerful suction that pulls air through the parts load for added drying power. This double-drying action assures fast drying and reduces the scarring and marring frequently responsible for costly rejects. In most cases, you’ll get unspotted, moisture-free parts in less than 60 seconds.

Industrial Chipwringers from New Holland are the right choice to reclaim cutting oils from metal chips produced by screw machines, boring mills, grinders and other machining operations. Chipwringers use centrifugal force to spin cutting oil from a basket of chips. Simultaneous­ly, a turbine fan mounted below the basket pulls a powerful stream of air down through the parts load, then blows the coolant off the chips and toward the drain coupling. You get reusable oil and dry, salable chips quickly.

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  • All floor-standing dryer models have a mechanical braking system as opposed to an
    electrical braking system. The mechanical braking system allows the operator to be
    more productive because of faster cycle-time operation. The mechanical braking
    system is more durable than an electrical braking system, and the result is less wear
    on the motor.

  • Electrical components on ALL floor-standing models are Underwriters Laboratories
    (U/L) recognized.

  • All New Holland centrifugal dryers and chipwringers are manufactured from heavy
    duty, arc-welded, cold rolled sheet metal. The barrel thickness is 1/4″ and the base
    plate thickness is 3/8″ on the floor-standing models.

  • Cover weld assembly swings either to the left or right for ample loading clearance.
  • For additional safety, all floor-standing models have a safety interlock which
    switches off the motor when the lid assembly is opened.

  • All New Holland centrifugal dryers and chipwringers are painted with a rust and
    acid-resistant two-component epoxy paint which stands up to corrosive rinses and
    harsh conditions.

  • All floor-standing models have Class 20 overload relay components for improved
    overall performance.

  • New Holland offers a variety of carbon steel, stainless steel, and polypropylene
    baskets to match any operation. Choose from standard, or Drop Bottom (18×18)


    Overall Height 40.5″
    Work Height 37″
    Floor Space Required 31″ x 40″
    Weight 615 lbs.
    Operating Speed 625 rpm
    Motor Size 2 hp
    Basket Size 18″ x 18″
    Capacity 150 lbs.
    Bearings 2, tapered roller
    Reversible Control Yes
    Drive 2 V-belts
    Construction Arc-welded steel plate
    Electrical System 208, 220, 440, or 550 VAC at 60Hz; 380 VAC at 50Hz; 3-phase
    Heating Unit (Optional) electric; steam
    Meets N.E.C. Specifications Yes
    U.L. Recognized Yes
    Grease Fittings Exposed
    Meets J.I.C. Specifications Yes

    Dryer Options:
    Part # 803539, 208 Volts, No Heat
    Part # 803540, 208 Volts, Electric Heat Element
    Part # 803541, 208 Volts, Steam Heat Element

    Part # 803542, 230 Volts, No Heat
    Part # 803543, 230 Volts, Electric Heat Element
    Part # 803544, 230 Volts, Steam Heat Element

    Part # 803545, 380 Volts (50 hz), No Heat
    Part # 803546, 380 Volts (50 hz), Electric Heat Element
    Part # 803547, 380 Volts (50 hz), Steam Heat Element
    Note: 380 Units are not UL approved

    Part # 803548, 460 Volts, No Heat
    Part # 803549, 460 Volts, Electric Heat Element
    Part # 803550, 460 Volts, Steam Heat Element

    Part # 803551, 575 Volts, No Heat
    Part # 803552, 575 Volts, Electric Heat Element
    Part # 803553, 575 Volts, Steam Heat Element
    Note: 575 Units are not UL approved

    Options include Variable Speed, Soft Start, Timer and Temperature Control

    Variable Speed Option:
    Part # 9863565, 208 Volt, 2 HP Variable Speed Control
    Part # 9863566, 230 Volt, 2 HP Variable Speed Control
    Part # 9863567, 380 Volt, 2 HP Variable Speed Control
    Part # 9863568, 460 Volt, 2 HP Variable Speed Control
    Note: Variable Speed Controller Not Available For 575 Volt Units

    Soft Start Option:
    Part # 9614985, 208/230 Volt Soft Start Control Package
    Part # 9614986, 460/575 Volt Soft Start Control Package
    Note: Soft Start is not available on 380 volt units

    Timer Option:
    Part # 9862265, Timer for Standard Control
    Part # 9863576, Timer for Variable Speed Contol

    Temperature Option:
    Part # 9863575, Temperature Control (Electric Heat Units Only)

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