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Product Description

T-100 is a clear primer adhesive formulated to achieve optimum adhesion under a wide range of application conditions when used in conjunction with PLASTISOL In addition to being an excellent general purpose primer, it is especially resistant to hot alkaline solutions.
T-100 has been formulated to comply with the solvent requirements of Rule 66 of the Los Angeles Air Pollution Control District and Regulation 3 of the San Francisco BayAreaAir Pollution Control District.


Color: Clear to pale yellow
Viscosity: 31 sec. #1 Zahn
Solids: 16%bywt.
Flashpoint: 43_F
Coverage: 380 sq. ft./gal. 0.3 mils
Wt./gal: 7.1 Ibs.


1. Clean metal. For best adhesion metal must be physically and chemically clean. Sandblasting with clean sand or pickling and degreasing are satisfactory.
2. Apply primer by dipping, brushing or spraying. Air dry for 15 min utes and bake at 360_ to 400F for 15 to 45 minutes, depending upon metal mass and oven efficiency.
3. While metal is hot, dip into the PLASTISOL and leave until the desired coating is formed. The thickness film is determined by the amount of heat in the metal and length of time in the PLASTI SOL.
4. Evaporated solvent should be replaced with T-100 primer reducer only.