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Product Description

T-300 is a low V. O. C., cross-linked, acrylic polymer coating which was developed in response to the V. O. C. problem with conventional solvent-based primers. T-300 achieves optimum water-base adhesion for a wide range of applications when used in conjunction with plastisol.


Color: Milky White
Viscosity: 26 sec., #1 Zahn Cup
PH: 7.1
% Solids : 13.0
V. O. C. (#/Gal.): 1.92
Wt./Gal: 8.53 #/gal.
Coverage 380 sq. ft/gal. at 0.3 mils


Keep from freezing. Keep containers closed when not in use.
STORAGE: This coating material should be stored and used in accordance with normal standards of good practice for handling industrial paints.


1. Clean metal thoroughly by sandblasting, pickling or degreasing. Metal part must be free of oil, grease, dirt, old coating or other contaminants.
2. Apply primer by dipping or brushing and allow to thoroughly air dry. This could be from 2-3 hours depending on air conditions.
3. Bake part in 350_F to 375_F oven until part reaches 305_F.
4. Remove part from oven and dip into plastisol. Leave part in plas tisol until desired coating thickness is maintained.

USE: Maintain adequate ventilation in working area. In case of eye contact, flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes and consult a physician.