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Product Description

DUMMY NO MORE! or at least dont worry about it…

The Dummycellâ„¢ will keep your bath to less than 2 ppm copper and you do nothing! Forget about after-hours maintenance, parts lost to poor maintenance, expensive additives that are just a band-aid. Give your main rectifier a break.

The Dummycellâ„¢ is a system comprising a small pump, a power supply and a collection canister which actually sits at the bottom of your nickel tank. It employs an expanded surface area cathode which translates into a very low current density. This insures the ability to dummy out any low level copper contaminants without taking out the nickel as well. In various tests performed at actual beta sights, The Dummycellâ„¢ was able to keep copper concentrations to less than a part per million in up to an 1100 gallon watts nickel bath.

Dimensions of the cylindrical recovery cell: 5 1/2″ D, 16 1/2″ L.

Normal setup is as pictured above, however, vertical mounting is also possible.