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Kocour Laboratory Equipment


Product Description

Stalagmometers & Tensiometers

Catalog Number Model For Description
0-75-920 Stalagmometer Nickel, Acid Copper, Acid Zinc, Acid Dips, Pickles (5ML) Surface tension, for control of wetting agents
0-75-922 Stalagmometer Chromium (2.5 ML) Surface tension, for control of wetting agents
0-75-921 Stalagmometer Kit (includes: stand, filler bulb, beaker and counter) Nickel, Acid Copper, Acid Zinc, Acid Dips Surface tension, for control of wetting agents
0-75-924 Stalagmometer Kit Chromium Surface Tension
0-75-930 Tensiometer Manual Model 20 Application of torsion to raise ring and simultaneous lowering of sample table are performed manually NA
0-75-931 Tensiometer Manual Model 21 A reversible synchronous motor is used to provide smooth uniform raising and lowering of test ring and sample table. Prevents premature ring breakaway from liquid. NA
0-75-932 Replacement platinum-iridium ring. NA
0-75-933 Calibration weight set for above contains 4 weights (100 mg, 200 mg, 500 mg and 1 gram), and Certificate of Traceability. NA
0-75-025 Accessory Kit    

Hydrometers & Thermometers

Double scale reads in BE’ and specific gravity 1.000-1.350 12 inches long. Direct reading hydrometer for iron free acid copper solutions. Range 18-53 oz/gal. Used with Analytical Set Model Ac-2
Catalog Number Model Description
0-75-911 Baume’ Hydrometer, 0-35 BE 
0-75-912 Baume’ Hydrometer, 0-70 BE Double scale reads in BE’ and specific gravity 1.000-2.000 12 inches long
0-75-913 Special AC Hydrometer 
0-75-916 Pocket Thermometer (with case) Range 0-220 F., 6 inches long.
0-75-917 Dial Thermometer, Stainless Steel Range 50-300F. 8 inch stem
0-75-918 Chrometer Reads 15-55 oz./gal. Chromic acid
0-75-914 Plater’s Floating Thermometer Double Scale reads 0-220 F and 20-110 C 12 inches long
0-75-911C Baume’ Hydrometer 0-35 BE Accuracy (+ or -) 1%
0-75-912C Baume’ Hydrometer 0-70 Be  Accuracy (+ or -) 1%


Model Description
173 GRALAB 15 hours, by hours, minutes and 1/4 minutes
170 GRALAB 60 hours, by hours and minutes 
171 GRALAB 60 minutes, by minutes and seconds
172 GRALAB 15 minutes, by minutes, seconds and 1/4 seconds

Deposit Stress Analyzer

Model Description
683EC Specialty Development Rapid measurement of stress in plated deposits