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Systematics Bathminder 3000

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The BathMinder 3000 is an automatic brightener feeder that can include up to four inputs and two pumps.  It is programmed to make chemical additions to an electroplating bath based on the amp hour count specified by the chemical manufacturer.


  • Bath replenishment controller with the most advanced microprocessor technology ensures accuracy and reliability.
  • An adaptable architecture is able to accommodate multiple rectifier inputs and chemical components.
  • Unique dial-edit system with two-line alphanumeric display for fast and simple setup.
  • Fully integrated system includes all components required for installation and setup.
  • Pumps are mounted in front of unit for good visibility and easy service.
  • Pump makes no contact with chemical. Periodic replacement of tube is the only routine maintenance.


  • Maximize product quality. By maintaining an optimum level of brightener in the bath, product quality is extremely high when using the BathMinder
  • Optimize staff resources.  The BathMinder allows bath operators to spend their valuable time on critical operations rather than micromanaging chemical additions
  • Prevent costly re-work.  Incorrect manual chemical additions cost money.  The BathMinder takes human error out of the equation and can save significant time and money by avoiding  incorrect or erratic chemical additions.



  • Cabinet:             Fire Rated ABS Plastic with PVC panels and hinged plexiglass window
  • Dimensions:       8.5″” H x 6″” W x 11″” D
  • Mount Options:  Wall or Bench
  • Input Signal:       From 50 mV shunt. Other mV signal available
  • Power:               115 VAC 50/60 hz … 220 VAC available
  • Pump Tube:       3/8″” OD x 1/4″” ID
  • Pump Output:    82 RPM; 3 GPH (185 ml/min)


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