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Systematics Chem Check – Cleaner Replenisher

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The ChemCheck 960-0600 Cleaner Replenisher maintains cleaner concentration by accurately measuring the conductivity of the solution in the tank.  This is done with a temperature-compensated platinum conductivity sensor that  is located in the cleaning tank. With a suitable calibration,  the conductivity value of the solution correlates to the concentration of the solution. By setting a minimum conductivity value, the controller will automatically make cleaner additions when required through an integral peristaltic pump.


  • Electronic memory retention in the event of a power failure
  • Continuous cleaner monitoring
  • Automatic maintenance of cleaner concentration
  • Greater Consistency of cleaner concentration for optimal results
  • Reliable, easily-maintained pump


  • The pump makes no contact with the chemical fluid.  Periodic replacement of the pump tube is the only routine maintenance.
  • The integral pump is turned on at a set point which is programmed in the controller
  • A rugged plastic enclosure with a protective opening window keeps moisture and corrrosive fumes from the electronics
  • Calibration and set point adjustments are made on the face of the instrument.
  • Measurement units are retained in memory during a power loss.


  • Cabinet:               Fire Rated ABS Plastic with hinged, plexiglass window
  • Dimensions:         8.5″” H x 6″” W x 11″” D
  • Mount Options:   Wall or Bench
  • Input Signal:        1 K Platinum Conductivity Cell
  • Power:                115 VAC  50/60 hz
  • Pump Tube:        3/8″” OD x 1/4″” ID
  • Pump Output:      82 RPM; 3 GPH (185 ml/min)

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