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Mesa West : The Model #1169

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Easy Compliance in Recording Accumulated Ampere-Hours for Chrome and Nickel Plating Environments!
The Mesa West Model #1169TM Ampere-Time Totalizer is a solid-state precision instrument which integrates current and time, providing a very accurate record of accumulated ampere-hours.

What You Get
The MODEL #1169 ampere-time totalizer is housed in a NEMA 4X environmentally protected enclosure. It is available with a resettable or nonresettable counter. 
Each unit is factory calibrated for 50 or 100 mv shunts and all rectifier outputs at no additional cost.  The MODEL #1169 provides an accuracy of ±  1% at the amperage level being recorded, regardless of the size of the rectifier. The unit comes complete with power cord and shielded wire for easy connection to the shunt of your rectifier.

Cabinet size: 5″” x 5″” x 2″” Power: 115V, 60Hz, 1ph., 0.2A

How To Order
Please specify the current and millivolt rating of the shunt of your rectifier.

Save time and money while complying with State and Federal environmental regulations.

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